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    Influencer Marketing in Dubai - How to Find the Right Partner for Your Business?
    Ivana Poposka
    June 24, 2024
    4 Mins

    Influencer Marketing in Dubai - How to Find the Right Partner for Your Business?

    Influencer Marketing in Dubai - How to Find the Right Partner for Your Business?
    Table of Contents

      It's a fact that Dubai has increased in social media activity. With this in mind, we can also see an increase in the techy population, as well as a high level of Dubai influencers.

      This brings us to the conclusion that influencer marketing can be a very useful tool - expanding the reach of your Dubai business and improving your overall popularity.

      In this article we will explore influencer marketing in Dubai, highlighting the key information on how to choose the right influencer for your marketing campaign.

      Understanding Dubai Influencers Marketing

      Understanding Dubai Influencers Marketing

      In the Dubai influencers market, we can see a dynamic scene of diverse influencers available out there.

      Sometimes, navigation through this market isn’t as easy as it seems in the first place – no matter from which industry you are searching for an influencer, there’s still a lot to consider.

      The basics of influencer marketing in Dubai lay in different two types of influencers:

      • Micro influencers in Dubai – Micro influencers are influencers with followers ranging from 10k to 50k/100k followers. Some benefits of micro influencers in Dubai are cost-effectiveness, an authentic approach, and higher loyalty and trust.
      • Macro influencers in Dubai – Macro influencers are influencers with a follower range that can go from 100k to 1m followers on social media. The benefits of macro influencers in Dubai are very wide reach and visibility and often have a multicultural impact.

      Are you searching for a digital marketing agency in Dubai that can connect you with top influencers from your niche? 11 Digital’s influencer marketing experts are here to help you find a perfect influencer partner for your business.

      3 Key Things to Look for in Dubai Influencers

      3 Key Things to Look for in Dubai Influencers

      Before we even start with the exact steps on how to find a perfect influencer in Dubai, we need to cover a few things first.

      The main thing to understand is that picking the influencer that will spread the word about your brand isn’t just randomly choosing someone with a high social media follower number.

      Instead, you will need to check whether the influencer you want to hire is:

      • Your audience’s cultural match – Dubai has a multinational population, so before hiring an influencer in Dubai, make sure that your audience's cultural background and the influencer’s values match. If you miss this one, you are likely to experience that influencer marketing won’t work for your business.
      • Authentic enough – Spamming the audience about your brand isn’t a good way of sharing your via influencer marketing. Instead, the key is to find an influencer in Dubai who will naturally integrate your brand’s services or products into their content. This has to be done very organically, yet engaging and trustful.
      • Have the right content approach – Based on your products and services, you have to find an influencer in Dubai whose approach will be a perfect suit for your brand. From the Dubai influencer marketing best practice, visual storytelling is one of the best ways to align your brand’s message with the influencer’s content.

      How to Find a Perfect Influencer in Dubai

      How to Find a Perfect Influencer in Dubai

      Now that we have more insights into what matters in Dubai influencer marketing, we will go through more things to consider.

      Even if the marketing approach of a highly popular influencer who’s just promoting your brand seems like a dream one, things aren’t a little bit different in practice.

      By this, you will need to set your goals, define your audience, know how to track metrics and prioritize content. Let’s go deeper on this.

      Step 1 – Define your influencer marketing goals

      Before you choose an influencer for your Dubai influencer marketing campaign you need to know what are the goals you want to achieve with this.

      Based on your specific goals, you will be in a position to choose wisely the type of influencer that will serve your needs the best. Here, we are talking about defining specific goals and the most common are:

      • high brand awareness
      • increased sales
      • improved website traffic

      No matter which goal you want to achieve you want to make sure you hire an influencer that can help you deliver the results you aim for.

      Step 2 – Target your audience

      Step 2 refers to audience targeting for a more specific acknowledgment of what type of influencers you want to hire for your brand.

      So, going one by one you need to define demographic information, the audience’s interests and preferences, as well as what are the platforms they spend the most time on.

      Once you create a profile of your ideal customer, you will be able to choose an influencer in Dubai whose profile is closely related to them.

      Step 3 – Metrics are important

      When you hire a person for Dubai influencer marketing, don’t get blinded solely by the number of their followers.

      This is one of the common mistakes when it comes to choosing influencers, so you want to make sure the reach of their profile is high as well.

      Check the number of likes, comments, and shares to track the real success they have in your industry.

      Step 4 – Focus on content

      First thing first, choose influencers who have engaging content that can be aligned with your brand’s voice and guidelines.

      This is one of the key steps because you don’t want to be promoted by someone who doesn’t share the same style as you.

      Influencer marketing content should be similar to your brand message, so the final result will be a natural and organic influencer campaign that will give the desired results.

      Influencer Marketing is a Great Tool

      Influencer marketing can help you to spread your brand's message to a wider audience - without it, you will have to become very popular on social media, which can take you a lot of time.

      That's why you can always choose an influencer for this role - just keep in mind they need to have a natural content approach.

      Once you've found an influencer in Dubai who really understands your brand, you can start a great partnership that can last for years to come.


      Influencer Marketing in Dubai - How to Find the Right Partner for Your Business?
      Ivana Poposka
      June 24, 2024
      4 Mins

      With over four years of experience in graphic design and copywriting, I have developed a versatile skill set that produces captivating content. My extensive background in digital marketing and SEO content writing also allows me to formulate effective content strategies that align with business goals. My ultimate mission? To create a killer content strategy that boosts your business to the top. And here's a hot tip: nothing sells like giving away free value.

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